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Willard Reynolds Ashburn, III ~ Culinary Visionary, Founder, and CEO of Ashburn Sauce Company.

As a Virginia Beach native, Ashburn embodies the essence of a southern gentleman, rooted in a childhood spent on his family's farm. His early years were marked by a deep connection to nature, indulging in outdoor pursuits like hunting, fishing, and horseback riding. Ashburn's culinary journey began under the influence of his father, who owned two restaurants, instilling in him a passion for cooking that would shape his future endeavors.

After pursuing education at Hampden Sydney College and a brief stint in oil and natural gas exploration, Ashburn found his true calling back home in Virginia Beach. Transitioning into commercial real estate, he continued to pursue his love for cooking, hosting extravagant barbecues and delighting friends and family with his creations. In the 1990s, Ashburn officially entered the world of culinary entrepreneurship, bottling his first BBQ sauce, Bucking Willy's Sassy BBQ, which laid the foundation for his eventual leap into creating his own line of sauces and gourmet specialty foods.

With over four decades of culinary experience under his belt, Ashburn's sauces have garnered widespread acclaim, earning numerous awards, including several Scovie Awards. His commitment to quality and excellence led to Ashburn Sauce Company's membership in Virginia's Finest, a hallmark of superior products. Today, Ashburn's operation has evolved into a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, equipped to meet the high demand for his signature sauces. Continuously pushing the boundaries of flavor and innovation, Ashburn remains dedicated to providing unforgettable culinary experiences through his dynamic range of products, including the critically acclaimed Sassy Mary Premium Bloody Mary Mix and its flavorful siblings, Crabby, Porky, Scorchin, and Queen Mary.

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