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Seafood Mary

Seafood Mary


  • 2 oz. Vodka
  • 4 oz. Crabby or Clammy Mary
  • 1 Chilled oyster in shell for garnish
  • Celery salt for garnish
  • Lime Wedge for garnish
  • Celery stalk for garnish
  • pickled asparagus spears for garnish(optional)
  • Green Beans for garnish(optional)
  • Prawn for garnish(optional


  • Pour vodka and bloody mary mix into a shaker, shake with ice
  • Once well mixed, pour into an ice filled mason or old fashioned glass rimmed with celery salt and a lime wedge
  • Garnish with celery stalk, pickled asparagus spears, green-beans or prawns (optional)
  • Top with an oyster in the shell