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Manufacturing and Packaging Services

Ashburn Sauce Company manufactures and packages the finest lines of private label bloody mary mixes, sauces and other specialty products. As a Virginia’s Finest designated producer, Ashburn meets the highest standards and quality in all that we manufacture. The goal is to help you set correct, realistic expectations from the start work together to achieve your goals.


Ashburn manufactures over 750,000 units sauces, seasonings and mixers per year for dozens of local, regional, and national food and beverage specialty brands. The automated, state-of-the-art facility can produce up to 25,000 units per day.


Ashburn can help you bring your labels to life. Whether you already have professionally produced digital artwork or need the talented and experienced Ashburn design team to make your idea a reality, Ashburn has you covered. After bottle selection is confirmed and artwork is finalized, Ashburn will bring all the pieces together through packaging to help you create the final product.


Ashburn will help you manage the entire testing and government approval and authorization process through the FDA and Department of Agriculture to ensure all products meet the official requirements.


Ashburn has a number of pre-tested and certified sauces, seasonings and mixers that are available to market under your brand. Many of our restaurant and retail customers prefer to develop their own label and use one of Ashburn’s proven recipes to market their products.


So you have an idea or recipe that you and everyone you know wants more of it. Let Ashburn bring your flavors to life with professional production and packaging.

Here are a few questions you might ask yourself:

  • Are you currently making a sauce on your own but the orders have been coming in so fast that you’re getting overwhelmed?
  • Have you always dreamed of bottling or packaging your favorite recipe, or the one that has been passed down from generations?
  • Have you ever wanted to share the recipe that everyone begs you to make at every get-together but you have no clue about the food industry and all of its rules and regulations?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need a co-packer.

Call and make an appointment to come on down and see what we got cooking up for you!

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